The Mystery of Christmas

(First appeared in SIM Niger Newsletter, December 2007)

It's Christmas Time!

Mikki and I wish you all a joyous Christmas. Christmas is a time of wonder and mystery. Recently, I have been reading an inspiring book entitled More Than Meets the Eye, Fascinating Glimpses of God's Power and Design by Richard A Swenson, M.D. In regards to the birth of Jesus, Dr. Swenson wrote:

"One of the most amazing mysteries of the universe is the incarnation--Christ becoming a human baby. How did the infinite God inhabit a finite physical body? It is perhaps an unsolvable question for mere mortals. Conceptually, it would be easier to fit the Pacific Ocean into a thimble than for the Infinite to become Mary's baby. It would be easier to reverse a full-blown atomic explosion than for the Immortal to put on mortality."

I trust that all of us will have quiet moments this Christmas to slow down and soak in some of the mystery and wonder of Christmas.