Changing Attitudes

(First appeared in SIM Niger Newsletter, September 2010)

There is one thing that brings us to the crossroad of fruitfulness and mediocrity—our attitude. While we may rate high on the “acts of service” scale, I found myself asking, “How do I rate on the “attitude of service” scale. Attitude is that hidden thing that everyone sees in reality. More than anything else, our attitude determines our outcome. And unfortunately attitudes rarely change without a fight. James McDonald wrote:

"If change was easy, everyone would be doing it; but the fact is most people are just staying the same "(Lord, Change My Attitude: Before It Is Too Late).

Often it takes painful circumstances in our life before God lovingly gets us to a place where we are willing to change. Again McDonald writes:

Life change can never begin until some circumstance brings you to the unalterable conclusion that your current course is taking you somewhere you don’t want to go.

When we are finally open to changing our attitude, we have the power in Christ to change. He also provides what Richard Foster calls “the crucible of change in our everyday world.” Every interaction with people or life circumstance is an opportunity to choose the mind of Christ. I don’t want to stay the same!

Yours in Christ,