1. Prayer and Worship
Our mission begins and is carried out by prayer. Revival and renewal are not products of a program or method. It is the work of God in our lives. Anything we do of lasting value must be done in dependence on God.

“When it comes to spiritual awakenings, the next move is always God's. In fact, our very prayers for revival originate in the heart of God.”

– David Bryant

Prayer within SIM

We promote prayer in the personal lives of our missionaries and also encourage the discipline of corporate prayer. We seek to be community of intercessors who stand in the gap and pray for the salvation of Niger. Daily and weekly prayer gatherings are part of the spiritual life of SIM Niger. One day per month is set aside as the Day of Prayer. All members of SIM Niger are encouraged to be a part of these events of worship and intercession.

Prayer with our Nigerien Brothers and Sisters

We also stand shoulder to shoulder with other Nigerien believers in prayer. One area of involvement for SIM in the past years has been to initiate the founding and promotion of the College of Prayer in Niger (www.collegeofprayer.org). Separate campuses of this prayer movement now exist in Niamey, Maradi, Makalondi, Alambare, Tamou, Dosso, Zinder and Dogon Dutchi

The purpose of the College of Prayer is to make prayer central in the life of the believer and in the life of the Church. Campuses meet monthly to intercede for the Church and the nation. The COP also organizes special training and conferences throughout the year.

The scope of the College of prayer has gone beyond the SIM-related churches. The COP leadership has plans for mobilizing even more prayer campuses for the purpose of spreading the gospel in Niger and the revival of the Church.

1. Prayer and Worship

2. Relations with Church Partners

3. Making Disciples

4. Developing Leaders

5. Christian Education

6. Community Service

Four Imperatives