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June 4, 1992 - Leaving Home

This is it. Today we fly to Niger. We are now doing our last minute packing. Mom finished the mosquito net last night . What a lot of work. The next entry will be from Niger or the airplane on route.

Later...We are now on the road to Omaha. We kind of got a late start. Ralph Sauers called just as we were leaving. He said that the Land Rover was ours if we wanted it. He also said that someone has donated $30,000 for the translation of the Jesus film. That could be a powerful tool. Praise God.

We have a couple of boxes that are more than 70 LBS. I am praying that they clear.

Last night we went to Grand Island to Western Charloin with Mom and Dad. Mikki had shrimp with baked potato. I had the medium top sirloin with French fries. I'm still full.

7:27 PM
Luggage check in was a scare. US Air insisted we had to pay more that $116.00 per piece of excess baggage. We called the travel agent in NC and then we started to pray. God answered our prayer. They told us it was now $116.00 per piece. Before that the guy told us it wouldn't do any good to have the travel agent call them because they had their fixed rates. Thank you Lord for stepping in and intervening on our behalf.

Saying good-bye to Mom, Dad and Les was very hard. I was pretty choked up. I couldn't say anything. Mom started crying and that was it. We all got teary eyed. That is on of the hardest parts of missionary life.

We are now flying over the Atlantic Ocean. It is time to prepare mentally for what is waiting for us in Niamey. There will be some uncomfortable things. First, we will not be able to understand what is being said all around us. It will be very hot. The airport will be less than tranquil. And there will be quite an ordeal getting our bags through customs. That is all part of the process though.

As I am about to start my new career, there are a few things that stand out as being keys to a successful ministry. Number 1 is a consistent commitment to prayer. Second will be a very determined attitude toward our Tamajeq study. This is our new life. It is time to stop comparing our new home with our old home. I'm praying that we learn to really love the Tuareg people.

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