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June 5, 1992 - Landing in Niamey

We are now in Brussels waiting for our plane to take off. We're getting tired. That's not good because the toughest part of the flight is yet ahead of us, customs in Niamey.

Later...Well we are in Niger at long last. The Lord was very gracious to us. Customs was easy. The man thought I was suppose to pay 5000 cfa duty for the computer so I went to pay. Just then a man by the name of Jean Musa came from SIM and said that we had papers and nothing had to be paid. That was that. Actually 5000 cfa is not that bad. Only $15-20. One box did get lost. We are praying that it shows up Sunday. It had a transformer in it, as well as some shampoo, etc.

We are staying at Bob and Janna Abbott's. They really are making us feel at home. How long we stay in Niamey is not definite. We'll have to ask around tomorrow. It is good to be here but we haven't seen one Tuareg yet...maybe tomorrow.

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