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June 6, 1992 - Good Morning Africa

Good morning, Africa. We slept real good last night. I woke up with a sinus headache this morning. It is almost nauseating.

Later... I just woke up from a long nap. I'm still recovering from jet lag. This morning we visited some Tuaregs. We visited Daniel, the Tuareg that is crippled. We have been praying for him in the prayer calendar. We got some good Tuareg tea. Strong stuff! Daniel speaks French so we were able to talk with him and understand the conversation. What a difference eight months in Quebec has made. I'm actually anxious to get started on Tamajaq.

Monday we have to do some talking with the people in the office about our move up to Tahoua. I really believe that the sooner we get up there and get started in our work the better it will be. It is not good to let new missionaries sit too long. We are too full of fresh enthusiasm. There is a chance of losing that spark the longer that we sit idle.

Later... We had supper at Jim and Sandy Rendel's tonight. We had chicken lasagna and mint chocolate cake for dessert. It was an excellent meal.

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