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June 9, 1992 - More Reality

Yesterday was a good day. We made some progress on our move to Tahoua. We plan to move next Tuesday. There is a motorcycle there for us. I read the Tuareg team conference minutes yesterday. It was very fascinating. They really felt the need for prayer. That was good to read. I hope we implement this.

Later... We had supper with Nelson Freve and family. They talked about getting malaria and vomiting until your throat is burned and you really want to die. They talked about missionaries being killed in Nigeria, a police chief killed in Maradi, and armed robberies becoming more and more prevalent. This was great to hear. Nothing can happen to me apart from the will of God. I have to remember that. I am also praying about our move up to Tahoua. Which will likely be Saturday now. I hope I can drive successfully in Niger. I will be up early tomorrow morning to tell the Lord about these things.

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