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June 13, 1992 - Arriving in Tahoua

Well, we are here finally. In a word, it is overwhelming. I just said to Mikki, " What did we do?" she just stared blankly and said, "We moved to Africa". That about sums it up. We had a fairly good trip up from Niamey. We broke two ropes, but made it in one piece. When we got here, Tim Eckert took me on one very overwhelming tour of the compound. There is a lot to maintaining a place like this. Tonight we went to the airport for supper. Normally they serve meat on a stick, potato salad and fried dough balls. They were out of meat because of "Tafaski" [Muslim holiday]. Tonight we met Casey [not real name]. He is a very nice guy. He is going to work with us. We are very fortunate. It is still overwhelming though. The door to the Land Rover isn't working. Something to fix already. Tim is a real handyman. He wires up fixtures, pours concrete, fixes motorcycles, you name it. Tim North [friend from language school in Quebec] is coming to Tahoua. That will be fun. I'm beat. I'm going to bed.

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