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June 14, 1992 - Concerning the Hausa Church

Today was Sunday. We did not attend the Hausa church as we did in 1988. The other missionaries warned us this would not be a good idea. We were told it was because of what the other Tuaregs would think. Hmmm... Someone said it was because the pastor can be manipulative and controlling. Whatever the reason, we don't go. We had a small service with the Tuaregs, Casey, Saab, Reily & Abe. Casey read from Mark 1. They asked me to say a few words. It was pretty weak. I am glad though that we have the Holy Spirit.

Now we are just puttering around, trying to get our house in order. I need to get ready for our first language session. I think it is important to start right away. I need to review my PILAT notes [PILAT was a language acquisition course I took].

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