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June 17, 1992 - Starting Tamajaq Study

We started language study yesterday. Talk about a lot of hard work. These sounds are so foreign. We started with greetings, numbers, and parts of the body. I still need to review what we got from yesterday and Casey will be here in a couple of hours.

We went to the market yesterday as well. I am starting to get a feel for this place. Today I want to get some tea stuff.

Later... Had a good language lesson today. Casey told me that I was working hard. That encouraged me. Today we worked on the prepositions, " in, under, on & beside".

After the lesson, we went to the market and bought some stuff to make tea. We got two mats, some coals, a brazier, a water pot, some little glasses and some tea. Casey is really one terrific guy. God is so good to provide us with him.

Later still... We had a visitor today. His name was Jibi. He is a Tuareg. He wanted work. He is very immature and a little bit cocky. We decided that he would not be the best for in the house. We invited Casey to work with us. He accepted. We think that he is the best worker we could probably find. I really enjoy my time with him. He starts work tomorrow. He will wash the clothes and sweep the floor.

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