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June 21, 1992 - What to do?...What to do?

We had a meeting at Casey's house. We read and talked about Mark 1. They read very poorly and I doubt that they understand what they are reading sometimes. They know the individual words after some deliberation, but I doubt they always get the sense of the whole sentence. After the reading, they asked me to explain what the passage means. I did it, but I am wondering if they shouldn't be the ones to search the meaning and to give the teaching. I need to seek out some counsel in this before a precedent is set in stone.

This afternoon I visited our neighbors to the north. They taught me some new words and I practiced saying, "put the pen under the chair, pick up the book, put in on your head, etc." Then Akhmed showed me his son's skin rash and asked if I knew what it was. I asked if there were doctors in Tahoua who could look at it. He said that they cost money and that He didn't have it. Later he admitted that he had been to the doctor and had a prescription. He hadn't gone to the pharmacy yet. He wants me to pay for the prescription. I don't know what to do.

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