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June 23, 1992 - Dehydration and a Rubber Ego

Yesterday was a rough day. I got real sick. I was dehydrated. I had the runs and was vomiting. I drank lots of rehydration drink and today I am much better. I was on my motorcycle coming back from the pharmacy to get medicine for the sick boy (I decided to help them out). Suddenly, I felt sick. I was dizzy and my eyes went blurry. I stopped and vomited. Somehow I managed to get back on the bike and ride home very slowly.

On the language study front: I remember when Dwight Gradin gave his talk on "rubber ego". He said that especially the men needed to have a rubber ego because often the women learn language much faster than men. I listened to this but I didn't really think that it would apply to me. I always did well in school. I really didn't think that I would have any trouble learning a language. Was I ever wrong. Phonetics is really hard for me. I just don't hear the sound like Mikki does. Furthermore, these people here are just brutal. They tell you right to your face that you can't speak as well as your wife. That hurts the old ego. But like Dwight said it is the ego that often gets in the way of language learning. I must never give up. I thank God that I have a language helper who is honest. I think Casey will tell me when I am making mistakes. I have to really go after this language and practice all the time.

I made tea today for Jedetta and Casey. They say that I make good tea. That is one good thing I can do.

Mikki has been discouraged a lot lately. She is having rough transition. Maybe it was good that Casey praised her so at my expense. It may have been a big encouragement to her. It didn't do anything for me. Every morning I pray for humility. It is painful sometimes when God answers our prayers. So that is my struggle on June 23, 1992.

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