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June 23, 1992 - Trip to AguiƩ

Today was Jean Baumbach's birthday. She is a missionary nurse who is now working in Fulani ministry. Thought I would add that just for future reference. We just came back from AguiƩ. This is where Mikki was during her short term in 1988 before we were married. We had a good time. We met Martin and Lucie Brown. They work at the Bible School. We also met John and Gladys Reimer. He is the father of Dave Reimer who lives in the Bahamas. Small world. Also got to meet Jeanne and Phyllis. The trip seemed to have been a big encouragement to Mikki. It was a long trip and a bit expensive. Operating vehicles out here is expensive. We pay 118 cfa /kilometer. Yikes!

Well, tomorrow it is back to business as usual. I have to get Casey's contract ready for signing. I want to do some language study as well.

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