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July 9, 1992 - Phone Call from Home

Mom and Dad called this morning. It was the first phone call since we got here. Grandma passed away on her 95th birthday. That is the last of my grandparents. She was an amazing woman. She was a prayer warrior. I have had quite a heritage.

Today was a full day. We visited Sabit's camp and another household right across the street from us. I also had a good session with Casey. We worked on "I want to go... to buy, to see..." It went real well. He was impressed with my hard work. I really haven't caught my stride yet.

Tonight we went to the airport with Derek Frost and his cameraman Crawford. They are here to do a SIM film on the Fulani work. They are from the UK. Derek is staying with us. Then we went to Jean's and watched "Singing in the Rain". It was a lot of fun.

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