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July 11, 1992 - Visitors

What a day! Derek got sick last night and was sick all day, but the plane came for them just the same. Trust all is well with him now. Crawford was absolutely miserable the whole time, but his sense of humor was refreshing.

We did a ton of visiting today. Old Alqassum came and stayed most of the day. His shirt was so tattered that we gave him an old Haiti shirt that we got from Uncle Paul. He was thrilled. It fit him a lot better than it ever fit me. Then Ghomar came. Then we went to young Alqassum's house. Then we were visited by Akhmed and a guy named Mohammed. He came to receive a phone call. In the meantime we talked with Elbukka and Abdillan. Wow! What a day.

We found out that Alqassum understands French almost perfectly. I am going to start using French with him. At least until I get a little more Tamajaq.

Ghomar said that we can't learn Tamajaq from books. He said it has to be in context of real conversation. He listed off all the missionaries who can speak Tamajaq and those who can't. There were some surprises. I really have a desire to be among those who speak well but I have a fear of the opposite being true. I really need to get my program in gear. Mikki is doing better emotionally. This will help. I think once she puts her mind to it, she will really take off in the language. She has such good pronunciation.

Well, I better get studying. I am giving a short devotional at the prayer meeting tomorrow night. It is short but I want it to be well prepared. I think that I will do Colossians 4.

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