3. Disciplemaking and Church Planting

All ministries of SIM Niger have as their goal to communicate the gospel to the lost of Niger and to see new believers grounded in their identity in Christ. SIM ministries reach out to men, women, children, youth, university students, people in prison and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. SIM missionaries invest time to learn not only French but also the various vernacular languages in order to communicate effectively with the people of Niger.

Orality and non-print media

We need to expand our efforts in Non-print media. Studies show that Muslims (even educated Muslims) worldwide are more tuned into non-print media than the printed page. Without using non-print media channels we are only able to communicate with less than 25% of the population of Niger. Current use of non-print media is producing a positive response and people are coming to faith in Christ. This must be expanded.

Bible Translation

SIM Niger is heavily invested in the important task of Bible translation. Making disciples is centered on the Word of God. It is our desire to see the Bible in the languages that best communicate the good news in Niger. Our efforts to translate the Bible reinforce ministries across the country and among numerous mission organizations. Current SIM involvement includes the translation of the Bible in Fulfulde, Tamajaq, Manga and Daza.

1. Prayer and Worship

2. Relations with Church Partners

3. Making Disciples

4. Developing Leaders

5. Christian Education

6. Community Service

Four Imperatives