4. Christian Leadership Training
Leadership training has been identified as a key need by the Church and was confirmed by SIM’s field evaluation in 2009. SIM is one of the founding partners of the Ecole Supérieure Privée de Théologie (ESPriT) in Niamey, which was established in response to the churches’ desire for university level theological training school in French. ESPriT’s Bachelor of Theology is now accredited by CITAF. ESPriT also prepares students for the ‘Bac théologique’ exams, so that they might be qualified to enter ESPriT’s diploma program.

SIM has also played a key role in the following programs: TEE and literature development in the area of Dogon Doutchi; Aguie Bible School and Dogon Gao Bible School in Hausa; the three month Bible training program for Fulani believers in Dakoro; and modular Bible School courses in Makalondi mainly for Gourma church leaders.

In addition, the Foyer Evangélique Universitaire (FEU) offers a transformational leadership program for Christians and non Christians promoting mainly but not exclusively training in leadership, English, and computers. The objective is to reinforce the professional training of current and future leaders by providing theory and tools to enter a process of personal transformation so that they might lead their group to grow and bring positive transformation in their sphere of society.

One key indicator of growth and maturity in the Church of Niger is an increased interest and investment in training the next generation of Christian leaders.

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